Greentec Precision has a fantastic history of collaborating and partnering with various manufacturers and other organizations.

Chuo Koki Co., Ltd

Chuo Koki is a leading distributor of industrial solutions to world-class manufacturers. “The quality of the tool makes for quality manufacturing.”

Mitutoyo America Corporation

The Mitutoyo Corporate Philosophy is essentially the perpetual ‘core values’ that our organization and employees shall uphold.

It unites all the Mitutoyo Companies and their employees throughout the world in a common understanding and commitment.

Tungaloy America, Inc.

Tungaloy makes an absolute commitment to quality control to assure customers of their products. In addition, Tungaloy identifies environmental preservation as a high-priority management goal and will continue to earnestly undertake various initiatives to reduce the burden on the environment.

Sanyo Tool Mfg, Co., Ltd.

Sanyo Tool is an industry leader in the design, development and manufacture of precision cutting tools and special industrial blades made of tungsten carbide and P.C.D. We understand that no matter how high the quality of the machine is, a high-quality product cannot be manufactured if the cutting tools are not precise.

NT USA Corporation

As a forerunner and as a pioneer of this field, NT Tool continually strives to achieve the highest product and customer support satisfaction in the industry through the development of new cutting edge technology, and a motivated technically knowledgeable support staff.

Ishii Corporation Co., Ltd.

Ishii is a premier manufacturer of PCD cutting tools for the most demanding applications. Ishii will work with the customer to custom build a PCD tool that provides the very best performance. In addition to PCD tooling, they also have the capability to manufacture very special HSS cutters for various applications.


Designs and builds special functional and air gages. Designs and builds special plug and ring gages. Manufactures a line of standard JIS thread plug and ring gages.